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What is a clairvoyant?


It is the ability to see future events which most people cannot see. Clairvoyant visions can be subjective (in the mind’s eye) or objective (seeming to appear before them). Clairvoyance cannot be produced at will and the flashes of sudden insight or meaningful dreams should always be considered important events.


The value of being a clairvoyant is clear. A clairvoyant can be told of impending dangers or conditions and it can be helpful to know what lies ahead regardless of the final outcome.



What does being a medium mean?


A medium is someone who has the ability to have direct contact with those who have passed over to spirit and is able to relay a message from that person. Also, sometimes, they are able to give a full description of the person who the message is from. I personally can feel the pain and suffering that the person in spirit has gone through before leaving the material world.


How does the crystal ball work?


The ability to focus attention into a narrow channel such as a crystal ball and, eventually, perceive visual imprints is called scrying. Scrying is a talent some individuals possess to the exclusion of all other psychic talents. In order to be able to use or see into the crystal ball you have to rid yourself as many distractions as possible and put yourself in a receptive mood and then concentrate your gaze upon the surface or the crystal. This can be done for up to fifteen minutes a day and results should be achieved within the week.


Can anyone become a medium or a clairvoyant?


Many of us can be very intuitive and have a sense of feeling and knowing that people who have passed over are around us. I feel that people like myself inherit this gift from a very young age. I personally could see and hear people long passed over spirit from the age of 3 but only fully understanding it as I got older.


Crystal healing and absent healing through the crystal.


If a person is visiting me for healing, I place the crystal ball in their hand and then with the laying on of hands my energies will be transformed to them as healing is taking place. I also ask the person to visualize a colour from the rainbow and then we can both concentrate on the part of the body most in need of healing.


The gift of psychic healing.


Psychic ability can take many forms. One of the most valuables is the gift of psychic healing which can occur in anyone who is psychic wither in combination with other psychic talents or alone.


Psychic healing is as old as humankind itself. It can be used in the treatment of aliments, both physical and mental, by the power of spirit. In psychic healing no medicines of any kind are used and it is not necessary that the patient is a believer for the cure to work but faith helps and also strengthens resistance to called spiritual healing.


Spiritualism is a religion which incorporates a belief in a communication between living persons and the spirit world with elements of Christian belief and this is called spiritual healing.


I have been asked many times; can anyone do a reading or read a person?


Personally, I feel that it is only the gifted who should ever attempt this as many people come to readings or wish the medium to be able to contact their loved ones passed over. It is not something which can just be done at the moment as we cannot command spirit to just speak or appear. I, again, never contact the spirit world and expect evidence immediately. If the person who has passed over wishes to contact a loved one, it is much easier for that to be done through someone like myself who has been given that gift.


How long does a reading take and how long does it last for?


My personal readings can take anything from 30 minutes to 60 minutes but I allow an hour for each person. People cannot just turn up. I work on an appointment system where an appointment date is given and a time allocated for each person. I only see one person at a time so that each person is given the time with me in order to allow communication to take place if that is the case. It can take up to four years for my predictions to come to fruition but clients can return to see me within that time.


Do I have a guide?


Yes, I have 3 guides who I had the privilege of knowing on earth. One is my father, Charles, who I saw and predicted his death, I was 7 years old and knew that he would pass in and around my 12th birthday and that happened.


Then, there is Betty, my husband’s grandma, who lived in the house we now live in and who knew of her own death and predicted this at least 9 moths before our wedding in October 1976. Betty passed over in September of that year and has worked with me ever since. Although she never claimed to be psychic, she certainly has been one of my greatest inspirers.


I also have a third guide called Jackie who passed to spirit at the early age of 37 with cancer and she is just wonderful. When she communicates with me it feels as if she is just there in person.


Do I have or support any charities?


I have many charities which I donate to and, if at all possible, try to attend as many functions to support in any way I can. Some of my charities are listed below:


St Johns Ambulance

Overgate Hospice

The Blind

Cruelty to Children

Child Protection

Brain Damaged Children


And many more. Most times I prefer to work behind the scenes, but I would never say no if I can help in any way to raise funds.