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Bridget was born in Straide on the West Coast of Ireland, Co Mayo on the 8th June 1956. She was born with a gift and began seeing spirit from the age of 3 but would not fully understand this gift until her grandmother, on her mother’s side, passed away on Bridget’s 7th birthday.

She was extremely close to her father who explained that he could feel and see spirit also. This made it easier for Bridget to understand. She was then given a message from family who had passed over that her own father would also pass to spirit when she was 12 years old. This made Bridget want to explore the spirit world further.


As predicted, her father passed away on December 17th 1968 and,six days later Bridget left Ireland with her mother, sister and brothers to live with members of her family who had previously gone over the water to live in England.


She continued her education in England and at 16 went to college in Halifax where she trained to become a nurse and qualified in 1976. During her career as a nurse, Bridget found that her spiritual awareness helped her to meet, deal and listen to people from all walks of life. Her beliefs helped her to cope with death and bereavement in sometimes tragic circumstances. She remained in nursing until 1990.


Support from friends and family helped her to change direction from her nursing career and fulfil her life as a Clairvoyant Medium. She started her chosen career in 1990 and has gone from strength to strength. Working from home, word of her skills soon spread and she was quickly established and became renowned for her warm, caring approach and foresight.


Her first major event was in 1992 at the Victoria Theatre in Halifax where she raised funds for a Leeds hospital. She repeated this again in 1993, once again raising funds for the hospital and appearing in front of a full house.


Her career has taken her forward to appearances on television and radio. She has designed and produced her own birth sign and bereavement cards and assisted in the making of talking pages for the blind. One of her most recent major events was in Jersey where she appeared at a fund raising event helping to raise £750,000 for The Great Ormond Street Hospital for sick children. Through her involvement with many charities Bridget is in constant demand from various groups to talk about her work and career and rarely says no but she never forgets her spiritual roots and appears in many Spiritual Churches across West Yorkshire as guest speaker.


Her career has taken her to many shores, including the United States, but she loves returning to Ireland, where she feels at home. Bridget is also working on a book of her experiences which she hopes to have published in the near future but, as she says, “My work isn’t yet completed”. Bridget says of herself ”I have a fulfilled life supported by my family but, most of all, I am extremely happy to have been given such a wonderful gift in the way I can reassure people that life is eternal and our loved ones are only a thought away”.


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